Ethiopians are worst civ

Ethiopians are the worst civ. Give em a try if you don’t think so.

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They’re not that bad, actually really strong late game, though it’s unfortunate how many nerfs they seem to receive constantly.


They really suffer from not having proper access to heavy cavalry and anti-artillery. You have to expend so much extra resources to counter artillery that it’s easy to fall behind and not be able to reach their late game overpoweredness.

If they’d at least make Oromos not complete garbage as heavy cavalry then they’d be in a much better place.


True, can’t believe oromo still remain in their current state.


They are so poorly designed it hurts. There’s almost no situation where their ranged attack is better than their melee attack so the best move is to just always switch them to melee immediately as they are trained which is super annoying.

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i definitely agree about oromo. at least their fellow weird ranged heavy cav have a splashy ranged attack that justifies using it at range, but oromo are so sad with that atrocity of a 4.0 rof. Its made up for by javelins being bonkers per pop, kind of. I’m still trying to work out a mahout abuse of some kind

Oromo are basically ranged hussars their high damage is enough to pierce the range resist of skirmishers and the closer they are the more rapidly they fire, they aren’t dumb A-move units, I only need them in melee mode to kill artillery quicker.

Their ranged damage output is literally half of their melee damage output. If you’re not putting them in melee, you should be.

make desert warrior and archer 2 pop again!

in the late game or treaty, they are really broken. Javelins are 1 pop dragoon (same stats), neftenya has the same hp as a musk and siege resistance. I agree with oromo.

the problem is that is countered by everything,

Yeah and they cost the same as a cuirassier.

This reminds me something, but I cant remember🤔

The entire “heavy cavalry with a ranged damage” does not work out very well. Maybe replace the ranged mode with a charged ability with shorter cooldown.


I love playing with them personally . Also their late is absolute great :))

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And Ethiopia lack quick anti-cannon method. :thinking:

broken is a better word,

Or just let them be hand cavalry.

If the devs want any special perk, Oromo can have: a exclusive bonus, a greater multiplier, dual armor or anything that won’t disrupt the balance.
Charged attacks are not needed imo!

They are pretty fun, have some nice-looking assets, interesting mechanics etc. Didn’t click with me tho, when it comes to themes or general gameplay flow it’s nothing that beat some of my current favs.