Europe Diplomacy And Europe Maps

Does anyone else here play Europe diplomacy scenarios? AOE 2 2013 seems to get more players for it than Definitive Edition. Most want to play standard games.

Do you think it would be cool if they had a built-in real-world map? And even a random map that’s in the shape of Europe?

There is a build in global map. I also prefer playing diplo and non standard stuff. Depending on the time it is impossible to fill.

Had my fair share of the Europe diplo map but I cam to the conclusion that it has too high pop cap and too much resources. Games never end and after 4h people just call it a day with out a definitive winner.

I recommend playing pilgrims diplo. Great fun, similar to how Euro diplo play out but more reasonable

I played a lot of european diplo style games a few months ago with my group of friends, so much so that we burnt out of it and had to pause playing during the summer haha.

We originally used the “default” western europe map (andi’s edit) but since it was not really balanced we eventually made our own maps.

There’s definitely a crowd out there for those maps but it’s pretty niche. Although tbf the high popcap means that the games will lag if one player has a underperforming pc, which is one of the factors that make people avoid this type of game.