Europe Diplomacy Battle Royale



All players start in Germany in a massive map of Europe. Kings can’t take outposts, but can make villagers to take outposts for them.

To get more population and resources you must take control of Outposts, which are scattered across the map. Outpost are convertable, as in an enemy or ally can take control of your Outpost by moving a unit over it. The Outposts cannot be destroyed or built upon.

Each outpost has flags around them so you can see them at the start of the game. Make alliances, team together victory is possible, so being loyal to your allies can make the game end faster. You will lose the game if your King dies, all your units and buildings will die. He has 1000 HP and 1000 armour, but can’t garrison. You can heal your King with villagers by repairing him. The feitoria is banned. Trebuchets have plus 4 range.

Outposts produce 15 of every resource a minute. Outposts give 25 bonus population. Kings produce 1 of every resource a second.

Sounds like a fun game to play once the fix lag haha

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I think might be good fun. I made a version for AOE 2013 as well: