European Diplomacy - A Mod to Enjoy

Hello everybody!

Here I do be representing my newest mod - a European Diplomacy scenario!
What it has?

Well, it’s like most of the European Diplomacy mods, but you start with a way more resources, some Gaia units and buildings around you to control , good ammounts of fish, and good map to control and use.
You also start with multiple town centres and (almost) equally distributed resources; some of you can see their borders marked(you can expand ofc, that’s the goal).
By default the map has some massive 30 pop limit, which gives you chance both to boom and plan your army.

You can check the Mod here :
I hope you will have fun playing it!

**This post is especially for the Mod, so give your feedback here. Changes will be made if you want them!! **

Conquer Europe mod map

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