European DLC (polls)

Poll is unbiased, has 3 options: yes, maybe, no.

Meanwhile poll:

  • Eh, let’s be reasonable, not interested in more European civs being added.

Is not unbiased at all. Notice that I said the wording of your options are biased.


Exaggerating doesnt make your stance look better

Youte literally so biased your lookinh for reasons to discount a poll that has 60 votes already, making your 220 in months look pathetic

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I think you should check yourself for confirmation bias before accusing others of it.

And I never said that Reddit has a much larger audience than this forum. So his “proof” is a strawman.

I said that there was never a 500 votes poll on reddit on European civilizations yes/no.

He said there was, and when I asked to provide a link, he didn’t.

Then he made a Reddit poll himself with heavily biased wording to skew the results, whether that reaches 500 votes or not remains to be seen.

And then posted me a link to a poll with over 500 votes… about the starting number of villagers… again a strawman.

@MatCauthon3 yeah “exaggerating”, because “An immediate priority to be added in the next dlc” is literally like saying “I’m not interested in more European civs being added”.

If you wouldn’t wanted me to be so “biased” you could have went the extra mile and make the wording neutral? but that wouldn’t have helped with skewing the results would it?

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I just went to the pool. It said “Next DLC”, “in the future” and “no, thanks”.

That’s no bias

Also, if Euro content eventually comes, I hope it’s no Italy split.
It’s Age of Empires, not Age of City States



Its up to 90 votes in less then an hour. Wouldnt br surprised to see it hit 500. If it doesnt, it will at least eclipse your puny 220 votes

And about what i expected. People are okay with European civs. Down the road. Not something to happen soon

Got a question for you and most very “must have Euro civs asap” players… what do they offer from a gameplay perspective? I give a rat’s butt about history as the only Euro civ that can really feel like it breaks trends are Vandals (camels and likely demo ships) and some sort of further Eastern Steppe influenced Russians (but if they’re East of Ural Mountains they aren’t European anyway.

Look at the world map and think hard. What do Asian civs offer? Well to be honest that’s a mixed bag. If you asked me there’s little gameplay variety in Ainu civ compared to say Jurchens who could easily have Lancers and Thai who would be easily having a bunch of elephant units.

This is at least to me why the world beyond the European peninsula is so potent. We still only have 3 civs with Eagles, 3 with Lancers and 3 with elephant archers. These units haven’t reached their potential the way camels have as the camel has various tech tree maximum amalgamations on the unit and civs that have unit but don’t have bonus for said unit.

So what do European civs offer? Paladins? True. Only European civs like Cumans… wait no like Persians! Hmmm. Well we can safely say there could be no arguments to fit Paladins on other civs known for the heaviest cavalry. Certainly not in Central African, nope!

So many units and unit combos cry out for attention. Where’s our Infantry and Cav Archer civ?

Where’s the No cavalry but yes gunpowder civs?

The potential is great. I think you get what I’m saying.


Love the double standards. When this post with 200 votes has 49.5% votes “in favor” it quote “doesn’t mean the majority are for it”, but when your post with so far 166 votes has 49.5% votes for “yes but later” it means “People are okay with European civs. Down the road. Not something to happen soon”.

How come your attitude is different from the previous “doesn’t mean the majority are for it” in this case?

I see you decreased your original standard of 500 votes.

Going from there’s plenty of reddit votes with over 500 votes that will show you people don’t want Europe, to I’ll make a post that will reach 500 votes, to see people are okay with European civs just not right now and it’s okay if this topic and even if it doesn’t reach 500 votes at least will eclipse this topic your 220 votes.

Quite a long way from your original assertment to be honest.

So 220 votes are puny, but 500 votes are not? Do you have a standard for what is puny and what isn’t or it’s a random number based on what you consider favorable to your cognitive bias?

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From a historical perspective the game mustn’t add more Euro civs until it adds about 30 non-European. The Kingdom of Croatia (and others too) is laughable to many non-European empires and kingdoms that are not in the game.


My poll has an actual breakdown unlike yout yes no or maybe.

Of the 156 actuall votes (not counting see results). Over 55% are okay witu European civs. Just not right now.

My poll achieved over 150 votes in less then 2 hours

Yours got 220 in almost 4 months.

49 votes (nearly a 3rd) dont want them at all. Seems very contraversial to add European civs to me

Yes, a biased worded breakdown, not because of the options but because of the way they were worded.

It’s not my poll.

The result in your poll is similar with the result in this topic, with nearly a third in both cases not wating European civs at all.

I will tell you the same thing I told you when you pointed that out for this topic:

Do you have poll numbers for other suggestions of American or African civs? otherwise, saying that “ONLY 49.5% of people actually support is” is without essence since we don’t know what number of people support others.

You automatically assume that the number of people against other regions would be far lower, which frankly speaking, isn’t proven.

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Over 220 votes in less then 2 hours. Still gonna tell me 220 is s lot of votes?

2 hours to achieve what this one took 4 months. (Btw reddit polls close in 3 days)

Since when it time relevant to whether a number is big or small?

200 people is a big number of votes for a forum regardless of whether it was achieved in 2 days or 2 months.

argue of epeen. mine is bigger than yours.

thats what i read over last several posts


If one poll can get 220 votes in less then two hours while you’re holding up a poll with that in 4 months, and saying thats a large amohnt of votes, it really calls into question if 220 is a lot.


I was arguing in favor of gameplay and tech tree diversification which is harder to fulfill with Europes lack of regional units.


im in favor of having more civs outside of europe. the poll doesnt really have that option so i didnt vote. someone who would like another dlc would still vote.


Same could be said about meso civis which will have eagles and no stable.

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But there are enough European Variants while there aren’t many Meso Variants.

The fact that you have 4 architecture sets from the continent all filled to the brim speaks for itself.


Historical perspective? Please define that sentence.

What does that suppose to mean?
Many current non-European AoE civs had no kingdom or empire to start with like Burmese, Cumans and Berbers.