European Great Powers

You may add a new Campaign to Age of Empires 3 for the British and French Empires…
I write for the biggest Empire in the History of the Earth- The British Empire( BE). I find these maps of BE. Click over that below to open the map.

At that map, there is a mistake, because, Egypt is not in red colour. But it also was part of the Empire.

At that map below, you may see the British Empire in red colour and the French Empire in blue colour, from 1920 AD. 100 years ago. Click over that below to open the map.

The European Great Powers- Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal) CONQUERED nearly the whole Earth until 1914 AD. That World map from 1914 AD, when began the World War 1 ( First World war).
That is a World map of 1914 AD, where you may see how the Europeans ruled nearly over the whole Earth. Click over the image to open it.

At that war, the Europeans- Fight all over the Earth. The Germans fight versus British and French at Africa, at Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They fight at Asia- Burma( Myanmar) and China.
During the First world war ( WW1 ) the Europeans used the Parents of Barack Obama and Meghan Markle as working animals who pull hand carts, full with weapons toward the battlefield.
At WW1 and WW2 these countries fight with weapons. But, NOW, 2020 AD, the Slaves of these Empires attack Europe ans USA , without any weapons. They just use some fraud, deception, the word- refugee, migrant.

AOE 3 DE needs lots of more campaigns than the OG version has

I think it needs the campaigns telling the story of all the AI names in the games + the new civ AI names I guess

This is past the time period of aoe3