European updates

With the current PUP, we are seeing that devs want to update european civs with new HC cards/mechanics etc…

I dont know if that British being the 1st is related with any event in their history or special date as Chinese new year. This hasnt to be a rule of course as other civs got some changes like this, but it could be cool if it happens.

Some of you hope a rework in Spanish civ, so I think that this year woul be perfect cause is the anniversary of the 1st travel around the world, maybe one of the most important things in the timeframe of the game.

What do you think? What would be for other civs?


I read smth about a Peter the great aniversary in russia (that got overshadowed by the recent events :confused: )

And i think 1822 was Important in greek Independence… But that would be an akward event to promote ottoman rework ^^’

Maybe if they want to add brazil as colonial nation 1822/2022 would be good

But i think most of the times the devs focus on not controversial, present holidays… like chinese new year, Oktoberfest or Dias de los muertos :slight_smile: