Even Abbasid and Delhi should go deer over berries now

Hi all,

In the recent history we had a patch that states that Abbasid and Delhi should be able to use berries as their main food source. To which they received various buffs to achieve this. The most recent patch (yesterday) however gave (very) notable buffs to deer hunting. Most notably upping villagers carrying capacity from 10 to a whopping 25.

I’ve ran a brief test with Abbasid to measure how well their berries do compared to deer. Although the margin is not a lot, deer get the upper hand.


Although the difference is not huge: deer actually get out on top. This signals, to me, that deer hunt may be buffed a little bit too much. If even civs like Abbasid and Delhi gather better from deer than berry it simply means any faction should prefer deer over berry.

Some aspects I’d like to note:
(a) professional scouts gets indirectly nerfed, as the advantage was to drop these on your TC. The carry capacity buff however is especially good to offset walking time.
(b) I did not test with any upgrades, not even wheelbarrow. Which may affect results as the extra carry capacity for berries is a much bigger % increase than it is for deer
(c) HRE can be affected even more as villagers already have higher carry capacity. China may collect less taxes as a result.

Not really making a judgement here, just pointing it out.


Not sure about this one; another advantage of PS is that it gives you access to additional groups of hunts from across the map that you wouldn’t normally be able to safely use. With the new gathering buff, villagers now gather from those extra hunts even faster, so this is probably a net buff to the tech.

Surely the design intent is for deer to be more efficient but riskier and less convenient than berries? In which case this seems to do the trick.

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Berries are way safer though, especially early on. Given all the walking time to deer and such, not sure it’s going to be a worthwhile tradeoff.

But it’s good to know it’s not worse.

You can gather both type of resources which are near your TC. Barries are mostly in range of TC. For other civs, You don’t get hunt in your base. You either need to go pro scouts or defend position.