Even next week we may not have the update

The update should called august pup,hahahaha.バカ。


It’s certainly very unusual that the pup ends and there’s such a long wait between it ending and the release of the update, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened before. The update has coincided with aoe2 and aoe4 updates though and today is when the aoe4 event ends, it’s unlikely to be released just before a weekend though so I’d imagine it will be released on tuesday now. According to steamdb the patch seems to have been ready 3 days ago and that’s when it was last updated.


So, you’re impatient for waiting to drink strawberry milkshake. I can understand that. Strawberry milkshake is delicious, I can’t wait.


July pup could still deploy in July. Shocking, I know

What if they release the July patch in August?
Is the world going to explode?


The developers would go a long way here with some simple communication to their fans and the gaming community to let us know what’s going on instead of having half the community acting like the world’s going to end because they don’t get their updated video game and the other half fanboi-ing and insulting people who are complaining.

This dev team really struggles in this area. They just don’t talk to their community. They release patches whenever they’d like. There’s little warning about PUP either opening or closing. They don’t tell users about any of their testing focus when they do put the PUPs out. They promise updates, then go silent for long periods of time, then pop back up out of nowhere with normal patch posts but no explanation for what’s actually going on. They just don’t tell the community anything. We get updates when they deign to produce them, and we should be grateful customers. I know why they use this PR strategy, but frankly, it’s terrible when there’s no transparency.


But what would they beed to communicate here? July patch has still not released but we have more than a week to go

Remember that the Aoe 3 team got sent to work on return of rome dlc for aoe2 and before that to work on Aoe4 with the malians and ottomans, is not entirely their fault to be silent for months when they got sent to somewhere else.

If all of this is for the PUP, they are waiting for the green light to release it, let’s be patients we are stil a little more that a week for the next month.

Yep, but mostly for AOM Retold :eyes:


Obviously because they closed the PUP but then did not expeditiously release the patch. Normally, they follow quickly. In this case, it did not follow quickly and people naturally would like to know why. People get hyped over the new content and balance changes and are naturally excited to play them, so when they don’t arrive in a few days like normal, people would like to know what’s going on. They need to talk to us. To their credit, one of the devs just posted in the PUP thread, which is helpful.

I’m not interested in a semantic game suggesting that because the month isn’t over yet, I should be happy with a month-long radio silence.

It’s not my job to follow the internal workings of the company at this level. They’re going to staff their teams however they feel they need to. The expectation from the outside is that someone will tell us if there’s a major change. If patches are coming every month and then suddenly there’s a 6 month break, we should be told that a change is coming and why so that we have appropriate expectations going forward. If the team releases a PUP and then releases the update patch within a few days of closing the PUP, then all of the sudden, they close a PUP and there’s no update for weeks, we should be told what’s going on. Asking for a simple heads up so we know what to expect is not unreasonable. Something like this would be enough:

“We’re moving to a less frequent patch cycle because we’re working on a new project. We can’t say more about it right now, but we’re confident you’ll be as excited about it as we are when we’re ready to show you what we’ve been working on. We still have new patches and content planned for Age 3 DE and we look forward to delivering those as soon as we’re able. Keep in touch with us at: (our socials and web page) for more updates as they become available”

"We’ve closed the PUP for the July update. Thank you to all who participated. We’ll do a final check, squash any last bugs, and get the update out as soon as we’re confident it’s ready.

“We understand there’s a lot of excitement about the new content updates in the July PUP. We haven’t forgotten about you! It’s taking us a little longer than usual to get it ready. We’re still working hard on it and will release it as soon as it’s ready.”

This is not too much to ask.


There are still 10 days in July…bro calm down.


Chills people, they say it is July update, they didn’t specify which year


Merci pour le fou rire monsieur le démoniaque ! :rofl:

It’s okay, it’ll be here for the end of July. If I was a betting man, I’d say this Tuesday. If I’m wrong, remember ‘if’ :slight_smile:

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It will be out on tuesday, last steam updates were 6 days ago so it’s finished and ready to be released otherwise the updates to the build would have continued. They were likely just waiting for the aoe4 event to end and then it was the weekend so it’ll be out next week.

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