Event challange 'scarecrow statue' very hard to see

I got the scarecrow statue from the latest event, but it’s really hard to see it when playing at the zoom level I like to play at. Can’t really tell it’s even there at casual glance:


Even when zoomed all the way in (which I’d never want to do) you can barely make it out:


A lot of visual clutter/details where it is. I wonder if it should be brought to the front of the TC tile?, or convert one of the side tents to a wooden platform that it could stand on?

Agreed. I can barely notice it. Should have been a little bit bigger. The event is almost done anyways, it’s too late to fix it.

They could patch update it, though. Once you have it, you have it. Even though the event is ending, they could update/fix the statue any day during or after the event