Event Challenge Genoa help needed

I really don’t know how to get those 2000 raw materials. I played several times, built all available buildings and checked everything but I am lost. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

u build trading post, every pass gives you resrouces

Thanks for your reply, yes, that’s how it works normally. But in this scenario Genoa, in this map, the trading posts don’t create any resources because there is no street connected between them. Even if I have five trading posts, no resources are made.
Just take a look at one of three trading posts I created now, normally there are options to select the resources (gold, wood, food, ep). But here not.

You have to build Trading Posts on a trade route for that challenge. Trading Posts on native settlements do not count exactly because they do not provide resources.

Thanks, but there are no trade routes in that challenge.

Then you’ll have to find a map with trade routes to play on. You’re not restricted to only one map for that challenge.


Thank you, that did it now. Thought I have to stick with the given settings.

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