Event Challenges are stuck

Platform: Steam
Game Version: 5.0.20249.0
Hey. Before the Event number 2 challenges of season 2 (By Stars & Sea) were extended till 30th of August, I did 3 of them and got their rewards but after their times were extended, they are now stuck in 00s and it shows that I didn’t get any of them (the “tick light” is off) and when I did the 2 remaining challenges that I hadn’t done before, it does not give me their rewards. My friend that is now testing the game for free (because of the free weekend) did them and got his rewards from them (and his event timer is working properly). I would like you guys fix this sooner than August 30th so that I can get the rewards.

the remaining 2 challenges are like the above ones.
The 3 challenges that I did before the time extention are the first (To The North!), third (Get To Safety) and the fifth one (All by Myself). The 2 that I did after the extention is the second (Kill the Messengers) and the forth one (Making It Big).

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Hey @Zireael9061! Sorry you are seeing this. I’m going to get this in front of some eyes for investigation.


I’m having this exact same issue but on the Xbox version. Any fix or suggestion anyone?!

Hey @Zireael9061 and @BiasJam42317235, could you DM me your Steam/MS Store account name?

I’m new to this I don’t know how to DM you. I clicked your name and don’t see the option.


I don’t see the envelope icon so I just went and submitted a request with this issue but if you’re able to DM me then I can give my MS store name.

I also completed To the North and it will not show as complete.

I checked the challenges today and the bug is fixed now. I don’t know if the devs did a server side fix on my account or what, cause I didn’t do anything (like uninstall, reinstall). Thanks to the devs for their fast reaction. :+1:t3:

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To the North! will not complete if you save and load the game. You have to complete it on Hard in one go. This is tied in with this bug: https://forums.ageofempires.com/t/achievements-will-not-trigger-if-you-load-a-saved-game/