Event time

I made this post originally in the event announcement, but I’ll post it here again to try to bring this to attention:

Please, PLEASE extend the event for at least 5 more days. I glanced at the announcement a few days ago and saw the screenshot with “20 days left” and though oh, cool, I’ll start it very soon, there’s plenty of days left. Now I downloaded the game, and bam, 4 days left. I’m really sad, please please consider extending the event a bit!

You can easily do all of them in one day.
Just make sure to use all tricks at your disposition to accelerate:
Ex: for the last one you need to revolt. Just pick Industrial as the starting age and this will take 10 min max.

10min? 1 minute is enough, just type “speed always wins”

Wait, what??? They’re not time locked like the AoE2 ones? Thanks a bunch, I’ll go get them asap.

To be honest, I thought they would be locked, but I got them all on two days