Events: Remove Restrictions to complete Challenges

The time gate/lock between challenges are restricting to some, not all players have the same free time. I think a good option would be to allow us to complete the all the challenges in a single day after the 5th day/depends on the number of challenges of the event. Win win for all.

You unlock a challenge the next day. In the end you have to play 5 days in 13 days. It is not 5 days in a row.

The whole point of the challenges is to engage casual players more/make them play more often. Makes no sense for them to remove the restrictions

While I sympathize with you Soldeo, to remove the time restrictions for completing certain challenges would cheapen the reward.

Now I get it, there are a few rewards that I really would have enjoyed having, but I missed the deadline, and I have missed my window of opportunity. However, that consequence is what motivates me the next time to make certain I make time to play the game during that segment to receive the reward I’m working toward. If I could get the rewards whenever, then the incentive is much less for anyone to aggressively attempt to complete the challenge requirements.

That being said, I definitely wouldn’t mind at all the devs reopening the challenges from time to time so we can get rewards that we unable to prior because of other life obligations. Because let’s face it - we have other things going on besides AoE (I know it’s shocking haha). Nevertheless, it all depends on what the devs’ goal for the rewards are. If they want to incentivize players to play, then opening up the challenges without time restriction would detract from that goal for them.

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