Every update makes the game more complicated and less accessible for new players, because of unique names and units

You already understood everything

As long as you understand the attack bonus of each troop, you’ll be fine. Units have attributes: light infantry, heavy infantry, and soldiers that can overcome infantry. Cannon, anti-cannon, heavy horse, light horse, anti-horse. In the Definitive Edition, infantry against anti-infantry was added. For a player in 2008, we are already familiar with it. For example, Lando Warrior, Coyote Ranger, and Little Monk are horses. Who would know? So even if my hand speed is slow, the overall economy is the same In the event of a fight, the rookie will not have much disadvantage. 3 It’s not that you don’t need fine control and finger speed; it’s just that there are more ways to win than just snowballing. Other than that, the game is very beautiful. The richness of units and flora and fauna is impossible to reproduce in this day and age. Microsoft doesn’t want to spend money

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Even now I sometimes face something that I don’t know how to counter. For example I just faced Giant Grenadiers, and I had no idea they were a weird kind of musketeer despite being called a Grenadier. In my opinion this unit is poorly named. Why call it a grenadier and then have it countered by light infantry, something which grenadiers are supposed to counter? So I lost a game because I didn’t know how to counter the unit, but so what, it is only one game, and then I searched the fandom wiki for how to counter it. Speaking of which, some players might not know about fandom wiki, so how are they supposed to know about giant grenadiers? Sure you can read the info from hovering over it, but even so it isn’t obvious how to counter the unit.

To be fair it is easy to get what they are if you know a bit of history, since grenadiers have always been armed with muskets, and their model also have muskets… I like your approach though, you don’t go around whining about your loss, you take that with stoicism and instead went to learn what they were and how to counter them…

read the Compendium in game, then you will find history references of units. Giant Grenadiers were established by Friedrich Wilhelm I and their roles were more similar to musketeers in history

You don’t necessarily have to go to the compendium, reading the history section in the same unit is enough…

Are you not seeing how AoE4 is becoming more and more like AoE3 because it is just so BORING to casual players? They added like 6 more AoE3 type mechanics in the PUP.

You may want to play competitive, but if you aren’t willing to put any effort into learning about the “archers countering your cannon”, it’s funny because all it takes is reading a unit roster. It takes only a small amount of reading.

And archers countering cannon is a good thing because otherwise this game would become very boring. Same counters, same play. Just like AoE4. It doesn’t matter that AoE4 has more players. It’s the shiny new game getting all the funds, but still a bad game lacking innovation and excessively optimized for e-sport ew.

Its funny that casual AoE3 players have time to go through the different units and abilities but some of the competitive players (I mean you) do not?


I love how some of the mechanics they put in AoE IV they act like they are new and innovative but AoE 3 had them in 2005.


I couldn’t have said it better…

Yes, that is, they are innovative if we compare them with AoE 2, which is the public to which they try to appeal…If they say “we put AoE 3 mechanics in AoE 4 for AoE 2 players to play, not even the creator of the game will play it” (the players of AoE 2 are not going to play it because they hate everything that has to do with AoE 3 and neither will the players of AoE 3 because they feel the game too much like AoE 2)…Microsoft, wants to hide as it is, the AoE 3 to be such a controversial entry in the saga…


Eso es lo triste aoe 4 fue creado con el afán de solo vender y otros me diran “Ay pero todos los age estan hechos para vender” colega, en general ese no es el problema, el problema real es cuando haces un producto solo con el afán de vender, los creadores de aoe hicieron juegos que si eran para vender, pero que a su ves fuese algo que les divirtiera a ellos! ese es el espiritu de esta industria crear algo que incluso tu mismo juegues para divertirte!

Bienvenido a la nueva industria de los videojuegos,donde los juegos nuevos que compras ya no te pertenecen ni tampoco te divierten…

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Yeah it makes me wonder why someone who takes the game very seriously and cares about ranked wins would (1) not study wikis or introductions (2) expect to immediately plunge into competitive pvp and win with a new major update.

Like I play some online card games. With every new pack I’d try out some of them out in solos or causal pvp before going to ladder. And these are more pvp-oriented games where pve is barely fun at all.


I hope more new pvp players join this game, so I think simplication making the game more novice-friendly is the correct direction. Then I can play with more new different opponents.

You know, always being matched with the same group of opponents is a bit embarrassed. You see the familiar ID and you already know how you are going to be beaten to a pig head in the next 10 mins is not so fun. :weary:

In AoE2 people only need to remember civ bonuses and a few UUs.

In Starcraft there are only 3 factions and they all have complete campaigns to guide you the fraction’s characteristic.

In AoE3 you have card systems, hundreds of UUs, and 22 factions with different aging mechanisms. People and popular streamers are scrambling to proclaim on every forum and youtube how much they dislike this game. This must be stopped. :raised_hand::triumph:

The only thing that must be stopped is people like you that want to ruin the uniqueness of this amazing game, no decent youtuber have ever said that card system, or UU, are a problem, only weak people that cannot, or want not, to accept they didn’t put enough effort but wanted to win anyway complain about those things…
If those people want to play a copy and past game then aoe 2 is the game for them, not AoE 3


There are already games like that for you, and especially a shiny new one. Why torture yourself in this one?


thing with aoe3 units is also this, if the model resembles another unit, then odds are they have very similar function, this isn’t starcraft, everything follows a logical footprint, yes native americans are a bit of an exceptions here, but same was the case with eagle warriors in aoe2
for instance, infantry with a musket and bayonet all have model similarities like this, the heavy infantry, all skirmishers use rifles, and specific hat shapes and so on


I love aoe2, aoe3 and Starcraft 2, each one for different reasons. Each has its own identity and must not try to become a different game.
Starcraft will always be better at being Starcraft than a wannabe Starcraft, the same goes for aoe2 or any other game


as for people who say some units don’t act as they expected, lemme introduce an aoe2 example that does just that, not the only one there, far from, but relatable one
the cataphract

I tend to dismiss anything a AoEIV streamer says about AoE3 for the simple reason that they are transplants and thus have no loyalty or understanding of the AoE franchise in its entirety. They are ignorant. I’ve never heard a AoE2 streamer belittle AoE3 while I’ve heard several big AoEIV streamers talk trash about AoE3 when it’s clear they never played it.

In my opinion, we’ve given the competitive scene way too much say and now we have an uninspired esports AoEIV as a result. Once a shiny new toy comes out that they can play competitively and make money off of they’ll drop AoEIV like a hot potato. We’ve already seen some leave the game.


There is one. “They all carry guns so I cannot distinguish them” (pointing at musketeers and skirmishers in the base game).

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