Everyone is getting a better version of European units, except Europeans

Asians can train European units with a free royal guard and auto-upgrades, and units that certain European countries need a church card to access.
North Americans can train European units with a free royal guard and auto-upgrades, and a much better version of Magyar hussars than Hungary.
Africans can send European mercenary cards that also buff their own units (some are inaccessible to their home countries), and heavy cannons from British that British do not have.

Native Americans…sorry they were added before TAD so their European units are not even upgradable.


I think the RG system needs a rework. They need to give more than just an extra 10%.

But remember EU can spam cannon, and except USA, all non euro civs can’t match that.

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I’d expect certain units to become available to their original civs as they get reworked, so I’d expect to see cannoneers become available for portugal in some form for example.

As for asians, they can’t really mass those units and it takes a long time to get enough export. They usually just fill a role they lack like china getting 6 brit musk.

The USA / Mexico cards also have a cost involved and are only trainable slowly from forts, I’ve never seen mexico send it’s musk shipment, and rarely seen cuirassiers and lancers sent either tbh. They already have a strong cav unit. Though it does seem unnecessary to give them such strong cav particularly when they have cav combat and lancer upgrade card.
The USA I see no issue with tbh as they have no cav upgrades whatsoever, their huss are seriously underpowered in age 3. Uhlan fill that role a bit and dragoons make up for the fact that carbine cav are unusable until reaching age 4 and after you’ve sent an age 4 card to upgrade them.
Similarly magyar give them an option to use cav in industrial where the uhlans just melt in general without any cav cards. You’ll see them used maybe 1 in 20 games so not an issue.

The whole Consulate/Export system is a half baked attempt to fill gaps in the Asian civ designs that should have never been there in the first place. In my opinion, that whole system should be scrapped. I don’t see fixing this issue of Asians having the strongest European units with this in its current form.

The African alliances are a must more satisfying way of achieving what the Consulate tried to achieve. As for the accessibility of the units, none of them seem like too much of a stretch. British Heavy Cannons are reasonable even if Britain can’t easily get them (maybe they export them and keep the superior rockets to themselves). It’s not even as bad as consulate armies of things like Roger’s Rangers or French Grenadiers.

I think the US and Mexico shadow teched euro units are a bit excessive though.


These are more for historical reference I guess. I do not know why US would need regular dragoons or uhlans, or Mexico would need regular musketeers or skirmishers. Unlike Asians or Africans who have an additional resource to spend, they still need regular resources for them.

Yes US have mediocre dragoons and Mexicans have mediocre skirmishers, but just like Chinese have mediocre melee infantry, British have skirmishers that cannot HR, Germans have no musketeers, Lakota have mediocre infantry. I see no reason to give them this extra “flexibility”. Most are not used anyway.
Power creep is not so serious a problem as people perceive, but flexibility creep is real.

On the other hand I would like to see more alliance/auxiliary/consulate/mercenary (or whatever you call it) unit cards that have some historical basis and add to the regular roster of certain civs, but for all civs not the new civs exclusively.
US can mass produce Magyar hussars just because of a Hungarian cavalry officer in the revolutionary army. In the meantime any Europeans still struggle to access their local mercenaries.


Dissagree, consulate is easy to understand and adds enough deph to civs, african stuff is just over feature nonsense which noone can quickly grasp. Not everything needs to be complicated


The only unit US needs to send is the dragoon, since they lack decent anti cavalry.

I’m not meaning the whole African system, just the alliance part. When you go with an age up alliance, you get to train one of their units and research a couple of their techs. That’s dead simple. No need for another resource like influence or export to have to figure out.

Right now the consulate is just shoehorned into the game and can even be forgotten about. There’s no reason why civs like India (Mughals) should have no cannons in their roster and need to hire Europeans.

I like that aspect, I just don’t like that they all shadow tech. There could be something like an upgrade at the Fort such as Foreign Officers that could be for all those legions.

The European shipments from Church cards should also enable training at Forts similar to all the legion cards.

Some of the new mercenaries could also be made available like Napoleon Guns for France, Cannoneers for Portugal, etc. Working these into their church cards could be a good way to do it.


Yeah I’m all for historical reference but I simply hope this aspect is more “balanced” and up-to-date for all civs.

Indians is forced into the same culture group with the other two East Asian civs just like Aztecs is forced into the same culture group with the other two North American natives.
Their society, military and interaction with the rest of the world were very different from the other two.

Now that Aztecs with Inca added have partly evolved into a semi-separate culture group (via mining methods), I’d expect Indians to get a small rework and join a potential Persian civ into a “new” culture group.


Pulaski’s Legion is a tad op.

I personally don’t like how D.E. civs get so many unique units in a such boosted way

I’m down for conceding them but balance should be taken in consideration too because Mexico and Inca (as always the usual suspects) are a carnival.
I remember the times when Iroquois had 5 Curaissers for 500c which were considered a “prime” shipment.

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That would be ideal. They could fit into a Muslim Civ category with Omanis, Moroccans, Uzbeks, etc.

I’d rather they just give Iroquois the ability to mine again and then give a proper “fur trade” system to just Lakota. Lakota are the only tribe with a taboo against mining.