Everyone is talking about variant names but?

Are we still getting a balance patch this month? IMO some naming issues that can be addressed anytime from now to release (heck beyond release…) should take a backseat to keeping the game enjoyable now!!

Great bombards
Ghazi raiders no siege bonus
Imperial officer double-quadriple oversight
Water balance

I really hope balance doesn’t get delayed due to a November something hype.


It’s true, there is A LOT to discuss about other topics, even things they revealed in the trailer about the Byzantines. But let’s focus on the balance.

About the balance of the current game:

  • Ghazi rider has no bonus against siege units (“and that is light cavalry”).
  • Ghazi rider lacks unique technology (“now that he’s uu, he could have one”).
  • Stone Trebuchet technology, “Geometry”, is practically Useless. The topic here

About things that are missing in the graphic section:

  • Different fauna per biome (“Coyotes, lions, elephants, goats, alligators, please”)
  • Missing animation of units flying when hit by cannons (“And that already exists in AoE3”)
  • Variation in the spear of the Elite Spearmans of non-European civs (“Chinese, Mongols, Japanese, etc”), other than just the billhock glaive, and more because substitute models already exist
  • Correct animation of siege weapons when climbing high places.

Then there are mod requests:

  • Mod so there is blood (*“Even if it’s a fandom”*l)
  • Mod to change the UI of the icons of technologies or units to one similar to that of AoE2 (“Highly requested by classic lovers”), but make it a mod, because there are also people who like the new UI of Aoe4.
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The “report a bug” subforum is also pretty much abandoned.

I am all for new content, new civs, balance tweaks, but for the love of god don’t neglect the core game. There are bugs everywhere still. I’m afraid this is a side-effect of the recent layoffs at Relic.

Wheel-less siege.
Converted villagers with broken animations.
AI that doesn’t know how to react to early aggression and often doesn’t go past Age II.
Villagers gathering gold and stone choosing spots far away from the collection point.
I still see to this day a bug that was present at launch: Randomly, siege is unable to destroy buildings but infantry can.