Everyone one on xbox can hear me


I am on pc and download the game on the windows store and since not a long time ago I see complain in chat that I am too talk active and doesn’t speak in english… I thank it was joke.
I never know that people on xbox can here me… Today in a lobby I can hear echo of myself through another player.
I never asked for that, no one told me that it exist and it was active by default.
It’s my private life and at least microsoft should tell everyone that now when you are in a lobby everyone on xbox can here you!!!


Apparently this is a bug, this game 100% shouldn’t have voice chat

I don’t know how you “accidentally” add voice chat to a game, maybe they considered it at some point, partially implemented it and then didn’t completely disable it, or they just copied the X-Box support code from another game and forgot to remove this somehow

But as it is right now I 100% agree, this is a severe invasion of privacy, the devs should fix this bug ASAP, the game doesn’t tell you voice chat exists (because it technically shouldn’t) so you are broadcasting yourself to other players without consent

My advice to everyone is to block the game from using the microphone, google it as it depends on the OS