Everyone Talks about how broken Persians will be, but no about how insanely OP Slavs will be

I mean cmon, even pros were pushing for that reverting to 15% faster working Farmers because Khmer and Poles farming are now better, but go and see that Khmer farming had to be nerfed 2 times, Poles got a nerf for that and the other eco bonus, even Aztecs (civ with good farming) got a nerf to the carry cap bonus to precisely nerf their farming, Slavs never were seen as a weak during 2020 and 2021, even in 2022 they were just discussed as boring civilization but not a bad one, was just until more recently that they felt “powercreept” by the better farming civs, but at least Slavs got other aspects improved (UTs, Infantry bonuses, Better Boyar, a new Monk Bonus) to be more interesting, but instead to improve them creatively, all they need is to revert the farming bonus to 15%, when before DE that is what made Slavs overpowered and that was quite discussed by pros:

As well SOTL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=342&v=icOR55q9d1w&feature=youtu.be

Now guess what will happen now that Slavs have more things than before DE…


This was a rhetorical question but let me answer anyway.
What will happen is further powercreep for the civs that haven’t been over buffed yet

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Dont overestimate it. Game, meta and players developed since DE release. Slavs suffer from missing gunpowder and bracer and therefore a viable counter to archers, especially cav archers. A stronger farming bonus, that doent make difference until late feudal, wont change that. Devs buff Slavs nearky every patch but never adress Slavs real flaws.

When I see videos on the YouTube channel of https://www.youtube.com/@MikeEmpires/videos, where “Boyars” fights against enemy units, they always win. I have never seen Boyars lose against special units from other civs.

Must they be so strong in the game? I have certain doubts, although I understand, that the Slavs proved strong in the Middle Ages with their constant expansion to the east and the displacement of Uralic and Turkic civs.

Let’s make Slavs great again.

Yep. Let’s give Dravidians EA +50% faster firing rate and -50% wood discount on siege.
For Bengalis give +3 villagers on age up and elephants take 50% less bonus damage. 11

For real though, I’ll wait Slavs nerf for a bit. I don’t think they will be OP or anywhere close to already established civs of those maps like neither close to Franks on Arabia nor close to Turks/Bohemians in Arena. They will be great on both maps though.

The Slav bonus is certainly not OP, over the years there have been several updates and also power creeps from some other civs.
Poles and Khmer in particular also have very good bonuses for the farms. So why should the 5% more now be OP for the Slavs? I see this more as an adjustment of the current balance of the civs.

Go and check the aoezone page, a combination of ridiculous farming bonus + complete knights in castle age = an OP combination.

Poles farming was nerfed, and Khmer farming was also nerfed twice. But Why Slavs need the bonus back then?

Apparently because Hera want it. Yea baseless accusation but sometimes I feel like pro gamers have the balance of this game booked. I rly disagree with his takes in his video where he praised this change. Same how the Chinese villager start change didn’t happen because of elite gamers resistance and now we got Chinese sitting at the very bottom in winrates with no way out for everyone expect the top 1%.

The Chinese villager change didn’t happen because it was objectively a nerf at all elos. This was shown in a sotl videos and is fairly straight forward if you compare the before and after 25 seconds into a game.

Also pros have influence over balance but changes aren’t done on their opinions alone. If you watch the king’s and plebeians podcast episode with the devs they do look the stats. One of them said that the information available to us is about 30% of the information they have.

That’s not to say I think their balance change are perfect or anything. But they do put thought into them and they do look at the player base as a whole.