Everything so hard to click

Deer dead body, tree , berries
Army , sheep , villages

Is everything !!!


Yes I agree. I have difficulty setting rallies on animals that have been killed and are being harvested.

I also have problems with clicking on trees that are chopped down because you have to click on the base of the tree and I find that hard to see in the Terrain. It would be nice if we could click on the whole tree or if the stump was larger and more visible.


100% agree, there are major issues with hitboxes and clicking things (buildings if there are units in front, units if they are behind buildings, sheep and so on)


Completely agree with you this really has to be fixed clicking a sheep with tc is like impossible.

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Completely agree. 33,3% of my clicks are missing!

True, hitboxes seem off

I agree to this as well.
Though it seems, they have worked a little on that from the last beta on.
Not sure.


i found it was already much better than during the closed beta, but definitely there’s still room for tweaking and improvement

It’s a way much bester than previous beta (not even close), i think it’s playable as it is (to me)

relic near buildings cannot be picked up

this bug was notorious, I experienced it. Time stamped.