Evidence how badly report system works

Seems to me that they don’t have a dedicated team for this kind of issue, and probably don’t even have a proper system/rubric to judge what is or isn’t ban worthy.

They rushed multiplayer out (as much as I love the game, it’s true. Ranked is on the roadmap, not part of the release) and they don’t know what to do about people like that in games that technically aren’t evem “competitive” (ranked).

Another example where the devs could be doing better, and I’m not one to bash on the people who brought a game I really like to market.

True on that.

From gaming experience, they should let the player juge by creating a jury room, were players can join and look a game recap, to validate or negate any flag problem.

The jurys majority will vote for a consequence.

For participation reason and ethique, All jurys participants that are on the majority vote of the jury, will be allow to lose 1 game, not affecting elo rating.