Exclude non-communicative people from ranked team queue

Playing 2v2 with randoms is horrible quite often.
Your team mate doesn’t leave a single message in chat in the whole match, doesn’t react to pings, doesn’t ping on his own, absolutely no reaction to anything, just playing alone and then losing the game.

Please, if someone receives multiple reports for inactivity and these are proven right, put him into something like a low priority queue in Dota.
Put him together with other people in team, who do not communicate.
Typically players like this tend to act this way EVERY match, they never communicate or play team.
It’s ok to not engage in voice chat, but at least leave 2-3 words in chat.
You wanna rush or boom?
→ Silence whole match.
Ok, remove this person from regular queue and ONLY let him play with people who receive inactivity reports too.

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I agree, playing with players who don’t even ping and at some point quit for strange reasons without having communicated a single thing and without having left interpretations of the context is really frustrating.

If someone communicates in Chinese instead of English, I think there will be many people chatting. The language logic of English is opposite to that of Chinese, and learning English for Chinese people is a nightmare.

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