Expanding regional units

(Elite) Steppe Lancer:

  1. Magyars - Steppe Lancers cost -15% food, Corvinian Army reduces gold cost by 10
  2. Bulgarians - standard effect from Stirrups
  3. Turks - Elite Steppe Lancer upgrade free, SL have +1p armor, or either (depending on balance)
  4. Huns

(Elite) Elephant Archer:

  1. Burmese - have +1/+1 armor from civ bonus and Howdah both; Manipur Cavalry doesn’t affect it
  2. Khmer - move 10% faster; Tusk Swords doesn’t affect it
  3. Vietnamese - +100 HP from Chatras, Civ bonus changed to foot archers +20% HP, Rattan Archers -5 HP (net buff for Rattan Archers)

Armored/Siege Elephant:

  1. Burmese - have +1/+1 armor from civ bonus and Howdah both, +5 attack vs archers from Manipur Cavalry
  2. Khmer - move 10% faster, have +3 attack from Tusk Swords (net nerf since Siege Rams > Siege Elephants, so may grant BBC)
  3. Malay - only Armored Elephant, cost -30% in Castle, -40% in Imperial Age


  1. Hindustanis lose Armored Elephant line and gain capped ram (nerf)
  2. Gurjaras lose Elephant Archers and gain Cavalry Archer line, Frontier Guards affects Camel Riders and Armored Elephants

Mongols already kinda have better SL than the two civs the unit was designed for, this isn’t making things any easier on Cumans and Tatars :sweat_smile:

Hindustanis should get Steppe Lancer.

I’d say, make (Elite) Steppe Lancer available for Byzantines, let Logistica affect regional units as well, make Bloodlines available for them, but take away their Camel unit lines.

Byz without camels wtf


Thats a change that doesnt make sense at all.

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About the only thing i agree with in this entire list is burmese getting ea


I mean historically I never see Byz using camels, but extensive light cavalry and Cataphracts to counter Turks

They already have light cav and cataphracts…

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Byzantine Empire contained Anatolia Levant Egypt. It used Camels as extensively as any other nation state from this region.

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This game has never put historical accuracy over gameplay and balance, that said the byzantine empire extended into egypt and did use camels. Furthermore giving them bloodlines is a massive overbuff

I know, I’m just trying to fix Byzantine cavalry line which is not so impressive right now imo. Their Catas hardly see any use outside countering Infantry focused civ, and if they face spams of arbalesters they’re pretty much finished.

Problem is you massively overbuffed them.

That’s the role of cataphracts though. And if you back up those catas with skirms, archers arent going to be an issue.

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The problem is ranged units with blast attack deal friendly fire

Since when Logistica can deal friendly fire tho?

Read again what I said

He said…

Ergo, steppe lancers.

Whoa, so any ranged units that has a blast radius attacks can deal friendly fire… Well i guess i learn something new today

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+1 for Burmese getting EA

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If this change is to reflect historical accuracy shouldnt slavs and lithuanians also get them?

Come to think of it maybe chinese and hindustani should also get it.