I hope to see the community create a expansion of this game also! A second remake is very cool anyone else ready for more ?

If the game is very successful I am sure they will release a DLC!

I consider AoEDE to be technically an expansion itself. A QoL-focused expansion, if you will.

If you look over at AOE Heaven forums you will see the community has already been developing an expansion called ‘Beyond the Indus’ (awesome name) for the original game. So there are already rich ideas for a potential expansion.

The community? I want a MS sanctioned one, for new strats and whatnot :slight_smile:

Forgotten Empires started as a community modding project for AOK. Don’t rule out any possibilities!

Perhaps Romanian134 meant to say that through this community discussion AoE DE developers will initiate a new expansion?

They expanded AOK 2 HD three times, Forgotten Empires, African Kingdoms, Rise of the Rajas so I wouldn’t bet against AOE:DE getting an expansion but I think we might see AOE IV announced at games con.