Expectations vs reality for the next patch:

Expectations for the next patch:
Spain: Rodelero become a stronger unit in melee fights.
British: Unlock skirmisher with politician or church card.
France: I have no suggestions
Portugal: I have no suggestions
Netherlands: Changed the penalty of reducing the value of units to increase the cost of bank when the technology of the 2 bank of the church is unlocked (coffee).
Russians: Strelet gets 20 range with some card.
Germany: it is divided into Poland and Germany, and in Germany all Vils are 50 SW, the troops are only Doppelsoldner, Hussar Wings, Warwagon and Skirmisher (pike and crossbowman and Uhlan are removed).
Otto: The Age 4 Spahi Infinite Card unlocks the Spahi to be trained in the stable at the cost of 200 food + 300 gold with 5 population.
Sweden: Carolinean’s Nerf OP cards and torps, allows free hiring of jaeger in barracks.
Azteca: Quick training card affects eagle runner knight.
Lakota: Unlocks the building of the Lakota Soldier in the stable with a card at age 4.
Iroque: Receives a card to spawn your infantry and cavalry faster.
Inca: Maceman is no longer the worst unit in the game with a decent buff.
China: unlocks with the middle of a card the possibility to choose the pairs of military units you want to build in the barracks.
India: unlocks urumi to be trained in the fort, for a fair price and population.
Japan: sends one that allows you to buy exports on the market.
Polonia and Italia are added to the game along with African civilizations.

Sweden receives general nerf of 0.00001%
-Aztec nerf.
-Russia nerf.
-It is said that they are investigating Vils and Explorers trapped in the TP and that the problem of the shift function not working properly is being investigated.

  • after this patch, the next balancing patch will only come after 6 months

Pretty sure they actually said they would buff russia this time, and nerf brit port and Sweden, at least that’s what some guy told me not too long ago, Aztec will be left in the dumpster but other than that this is a pretty decent patch, I certainly hope they go back to monthly though.

Also stop being unrealistic. Its obvious that they are currently working on the DLC, hence delaying the update. So just calm down and be patient.




Spain and Brits are fine.


would have to wait for a european DLC for that. the only faction that i can see being added outside of a major DLC is probably persia or maybe Commanche.

I expect a large patch before the new DLC drops but until then we’ll get the regular sized updates. I’d just like some info on the DLC soon though…


otto should be fixed. Bad in Treaty and team and early game. It should be balanced. cavaryarchers villagers overkill card is useless. Instead, you can put cards that work like other civilizations. There may be a third mosque development. Peasant education can be a boost. It can be a card that makes sipahi out of the mills. You can move the 15% artillery health card in the 2nd radius to the 3rd era and turn it into a 15% health + attack bonus. In Age 4, it can be a card(or mosque improvement.) that gives abuses 1 area damage or attack power or pop 1. It can be 4.25 jan and abus speed. Soldier may come. As a civilization feature, the ability to benefit from more than 15% Tp can come. Building tp places cheaply may come with the civilization feature. One or the other way please make it balanced. Also, Sweden is too strong. Sweden need nerf. Karolins have 15 range and special running ability and strong melee and 4.25 speed and 2,5 rate of fire, 30 resist and only 100 resources. The upgrades to the balls are also excessive to me. You can see how unstable he is in tournaments. Strong soldier and very good echo, this is extreme. Ashis should be 4.25. Huracas should be nerfed.(The soldiers of the civilizations with bad economy must be strong. Otto bad echo, Although the Inca economy is very good, the huracas are much stronger than the abuses, the best unit of otto, and cheaper. 150 health 20+2 range and high siege attack and 24 siege bonus. 3.0 rate of fire. Not fair.) And peru milis. Spain logistics should not be a direct source transit. It’s these extreme op features and instability that turn people off from the game. (and bugs) I think strong countries in the long game should be more balanced in the short game. Because when the game is long, it is already strong. Please take note.


Already suggested but was rejected

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Then these DLCs would have to be called “Forgotten Empires”, as civs would come from different continents. I personally wish that the African DLC only added Black Civilizations. North Africa could be portrayed brilliantly with Moroccans and Arabs who could be part of the Islamic DLC. Moroccans and Arabs would be added along with the Persians in this DLC.

make them shock infantry.

Or slightly increase LB against infantry even more.

I think the gendarmes can have their 10% imperial upgrade back.

Remove masons card (or make it so it cant be stacked with team improved walls).
Increase cost of minuteman when calling 2nd time via CM.


I’d also buff cav archers and their RG grenadiers.




They need some buffs in units in age 2 and some eco buffs for late game.

Yeah. All plaza units should get this IMHO. They are not worth it otherwise.


See above.


All TAD civs should get this.

I hope it’s not them ^^

Like for reality we have faced.

I sincerely have hard time understanding topics like this.

The patch not even dropped yet, why you are getting mad in advance? :sweat_smile:


Good idea but not against cav since they already are pretty good against cav

British need no buff

It’s fine as is

Strelets are a good unit and russia needs a buff somewhere else
Like to musks or cav archer

I doubt this would ever happen, completely overhauling a legacy civ that’s one of the most balanced civs doesn’t make sense

This is an awful idea and overbuffing a civ that needs a tiny buff

Age 2 jaegers is not a horrible idea tbh if they nerfed them slightly somewhere else a counteract it

No they need something else to the slingers and the coyotes past age 2

Could work depending on cost

Iro are a great civ except with thier Kanya costing wood

Huraca you mean?

This would take away the one weakness china has

They have no need for this with thier already good roster of units

I can already see how OP torii gate rushing with Japanese consulate units and musks would be

This shouldn’t be expected to come in one dlc since that would only leave room for one africa civ.


Why dont Otto use Sipahi at age 4? French can use heavy cav at age 3. If British, French and other civs goes to age 4, they are too strong but Ottomans arent too strong. I want to train Sipahi and Mamluks from stable. They can be some cost but it is needed.

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No. They fill a very nice gap as it is right now and spain already has hussars + lancers.
Vs Aztecs you can just go rods and they will shread all the azzys.

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Maybe a limited edition can be produced with 1 card in the 4th era. In reality the sipahis were landlords who grew up in the mills. There may be something related to that. For example, cavalry can be trained as many as the number of mills or 2 per 1 mill. Not a bad idea for a long game, considering that it costs cards. Only 2- 3 spahis can be trained, as a maximum of 2 -3 mills will be needed in the short game. 1 card + mills + resource.

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