Expecting content to appear in the next patch

  1. Add population limit adjustments for advanced game settings.

  2. Add time limit adjustment for advanced game settings (now only the start time can be adjusted).

  3. Unbind the number of players and map size, allowing smaller map content to accommodate more players, or larger map content to accommodate fewer players.

  4. Allow the game perspective (camera lens) to be pulled closer (can be adjusted as needed in the game settings, please refer to AOE3 for details).

  5. Zhuge Nu can have its own exclusive model and voice(Instead of directly applying the voice and model of crossbows).

6.Yuan raider can have its own exclusive voice(Instead of directly applying the voice of fire lance)and fix the bug of holding the blade with bare hands.

7.Shaolin monks can have their own voices, and now they always howl for help like ordinary monks, while defeating enemies with sticks. This is too strange.

8.The Imperial Guard can have its own voice.

9.Please fix a large number of model bugs…


Maybe the next major patch, but we are supposed to be getting a small patch for bugfixes/balance changes in the next week or 2 likely focused on balancing new civs.

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nerf Zhuxi, nerf Jeanne d’Arc, nerf Ayubids

Japanese samurai’s deflection armor and odachi (attack distance/attack bonus), as well as Ozutsu’s heavy armor, need to be nerf.

That would make the most sense. I dont see anything happening till next year

Actually, these are some of the most basic things for games. Why are developers hesitant to do them? We can’t even ask players to help, and now that the “Advanced Game Settings” have stopped updating, what should players do?

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AGS doesn’t do a bunch of these things?

The MOD creator has stopped updating, and one of the reasons for the suspension is the attitude of the developers.
And this itself belongs to the job of developers, and players have no obligation to spend money and put in their own time and energy to help them improve the game.

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I’m not disagreeing. But you were asking what players should do now that AGS is no longer being updated, and I’m saying an bunch of the things you’re asking for weren’t even provided by AGS.

So we do the same as usual. We wait and see.

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Siege Weapons still have bugged carts with their wheels not showing up after packing them back up.
I have been seeing this visual bug for months. Also since launch all veteran spearmen have a bill, but some show their unique weapon model when they charge.