Expert analysis are personal opinions in most cases

Expert analysis are just personal opinions in most cases especially when you hire a management which is not associated with the franchise will lead to pessimistic scenario and doom a the ace product of the franchise.
Its proven in the case of Age of Empires Online. The game had awesome User Interface, the gamer was the lord of his game. He could modify the damage customization or influence the cost or training time or build time. The scope for improvisation was always there. The multiplayer connectivity ensured the continued online presence of gamers. The problem was the gaming management did not play the game. So it considered the delayed launch of certain improvemnts on later stage as unnecessary and failure to tap market. Even after 4 years none of the games i played have not reached the 1000+ hours spent on AOEO. The DE launches are just compensatory. One must consider AOEO a re entry.
Expert opinions or reviews do not matter for a nice product. :frowning: