Explain on how to use ladder board

I did some testing and research

If you change it to Players → quick match → 1v1It will show the current ladder.
However, it only shows players with more than 10 games, so not much of people show on the list.


Can you access the replays of the top players? (like in the ladderboard system)

No, almost all top players have profile hidden (someone started it first, so me and others follow).

You can obs when they are playing, but not after.

So is ELO combined for all game types, including team games? Hopefully not.

If so, if you’ve played 10 team games and 10 1v1 games, will you show up on the list if you sort by Players → quick match → 1v1, and will that ELO listed be influenced by team games?

I understand, I respect the privacy of all players.

I was still hoping to see pro matches on the ladder database :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I think in some RTS games it’s allowed.

Don’t think TG affects the 1v1 elo, I lost 1 game just to test

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how you guys can play ranked ? I cant play ranked the button says : coming soon

i really want to know when ranking is starting

Just play quick play