Exploit to crash game

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  • GAME BUILD #: 1000.12.13490.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Played a game for around two hours, really good battle 4v4 on Colorado Map. Teams we’re pretty well matched in skill set. However, opposite team was making ground against us and it wasn’t looking good. So as a last ditch effort, I did an Oprichnik run on opposing teams eco. One of the players of the other team confronted me via chat and said something like, “really you’re that desperate?” To which I said, Yes. (It was our last chance :-P) I was able to down his two factories. The purple player hardly even tried to stop the Oprichniks while in his eco. Almost immediately after I downed the factories, The game crashed for every player in the game.

I find it extremely coincidental that as soon as I managed to down both of this guys factories, that the game would immediately crash right after for everyone… after playing for 2 hours. This was not an out of sync, the game completely crashed and closed back to the desktop. The same thing happened for every player on my team (we were all on discord at the time). Seems highly likely that some type of exploit was used to cause this to happen.

The players name in question on steam was “Arthur Morgan”. I was unable to open the record file, But still pulled it and attached it here below.

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  • Less than 25% of the time / matches I play (RARELY)

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Below Is link to record file, I am unable to open this file.