Exploits and Fair Play in Age of Empires II: DE

Not falsely banned, but I have been given 2 hours waiting penalty in queue after my game started to drop right when I found a match. I shouldn’t have gotten penalty time for dodging without seeing the map. If it wasn’t for family sharing I would have stopped playing the game. So if they will touch family sharing then they should stop banning people or giving ridiculous penalties in the queue.

I mean, who twisted your words? It was a direct quote. It’s not something you would be banned over, but who knows what else you’ve said in game? The censoring system is awful and very few would disagree with that - in my opinion it is awful, because it often doesn’t even censor actual bigotry or slurs.

I do agree that if you get banned, there would be a reasoning for it. It’s common practise in every game, so it should be here as well. It would help you understand what the problem with your communication was then as well - was it you trying to play with your team, or blame them in very hateful words? Bans in general are very rare in AoE2, so false ones are an anomaly, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was justified in other ways.

Wouldn’t you start off with like, 5 minutes or something if you dropped before the match? I can agree the penalty system is somewhat flawed and mistakenly penalizes other people as well, but wouldn’t it start out with a small time for first ‘offences’?


Today’s hotfix also included changes to address recent reports of in-game behavior that violates our Code of Conduct, including cheating.

You should notice improvements. If there are any ongoing issues, you can continue to report them to our Support team for review and/or enforcement.


Clearly the hotfix didnt work because it only patched the minor back-end cheats. Pathing is still terrible and all the replays are broken because you fixed a few minor cheats. I’m curious how much this cost the aoe2 team considering most cheats are still operational.

But pathing wasn’t meant to be fixed and wasn’t said anywhere? Any other cheats you find should be reported, like poster above you. What is your post meant to achieve, really?


The issue is they slapped a Band-Aid on massive multifaceted issue. Many issues take months to fix and pathing has been completely broken for 6 months if not longer. Most of the major cheats still work, and the devs are only working on cosmetics instead of fixing the game. Most of these cosmetics we are also forced to get and we are unable to uninstall. Also the party system has an issue where you have to remake the party after every game where before you were instantly put into the party. If the devs stopped adding cosmetics and instead fixed lag issues, crashing and other game breaking issues it would be ideal. Instead the only thing we have is tons of censorship and funny polar bear mods.

Sure, and this hotfix was meant to address none of these things. It does as what I said above. It’s not a content update. Report any other cheats you see to see them get fixed. You’re just arguing over completely unrelated things not relevant to the thread right now.


My point is, there will never be a hotfix for those issues

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what. pathing is the best it has ever been on DE

people working on cosmetics are not the same who are working on bug fixes. completely different skillset

name a single cosmetic you are forced to get or can’t uninstall.


Ok, and? What’s the point of you posting this here then?


Bring attention to these important facts

it clearly isn’t. even the pro players have said that pathing is better now than it ever was in DE and that DE is the best version of the game.

that’s not what you said

i unsubscribed, restarted the game, and there is no main menu mod here. so you are imagining stuff


Today one more player quit on game start, betraying team. The game was to be 4vs4.

Situations like this have to be reported (this one was, this is just to let community know it is real and not that isolated)… Gamers acting under malice to trash teams need to be perma banned.

MP Replay v101.102.5558.0 #(71094) @2022.10.18 222610 (8).aoe2record (1.2 MB)

Is there any statement on support for an official api? It’s been nearly a month since aoe2.net went down (apparently related to said cheating) and broke a significant number of community projects. In order to help support the community we really need an official documented api.

actually no. you are only able to unsubscribe the main menu mods because of the hotfix update doesn’t include any.

any of the past main menu mod that came with the game update you are not able ot get rid of them until at least a month or so later. you can disable them, but trying to unsub they will simply resub on next game restart.

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No, not in the sense that the developers/Microsoft said it’s ok to use. But at this point pretty much all of the API endpoints that aoe2.net could have been using (and some it wasn’t) are known.

This fix did not contain any gameplay (ie pathing) changes, hence it being a hotfix and not a full content update.

Our teams try to avoid making gameplay and balance changes around major competitive events. But development work is always ongoing, and our teams monitor feedback closely to look for areas to improve.


Is there a reason that recs and things like that break even with a hotfix? Is it coding changes behind the scenes making the recs no longer valid?

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Pretty sure something was changed, because if I’m not mistaken, I kinda remember a time where you could watch older recs from not the same update. (I think the file naming has changed as well.)

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