Explorer Abilities

Hi all, explorers of all civs have “abilities/skills” that shot, heal or do something. However most tend to have 2 abilities that do the same but can be used only vs certain type of units, that on paper doesnt sound bad but makes maintainance harder, increase the number of icons and keybinds, etc.

Thus I suggest that some of these abilities to be unified while retaining their porpouses. For example:

European Explorers have:

  • Sharpshooter attack: deals 750 damage, only vs treasure guardians
  • Eye of the assassin: deals 475 damage to anyone

It could be 1 skill that deals 475 damage to anyone with bonus vs treasure hunters x2.0. And so on with each skill to work similarly.

Personally Daimyos have some “issues”, 1st if killed can only be trained at Shogunate, 2nd are able to recieve shipments and train units, making them very unjust, 3rd cant collect tresures.


  • 1.- Respawn as Rajas after a time
  • 2.- Recieve shipments/Train units. Replaced, Train Aura: increases training rate of nearby buildings.
  • 3.- Able to collect tresures, not really needed but a good adition.

Comment and share your thoughts down bellow,

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The reason Eye of the Assassin and the Sharpshooter attack are separate is probably because they don’t get EotA until age 4, while the other is available from the beginning of the game. Easiest thing to do (if you wanted to combine them) is combine them and have a 0.04x vs all non-guardians that goes away in age 4. Of course give a 2x vs guardians. It would be a slight nerf though, in age 4 you can delete 2 guardians currently.

Probably, also their cooldowns are different too. I think this would be a good way to improve UI and show another difference from original.

I might make a wrong assumption but think few players use these skills late game for exception of flag skills. Anyways other skills could be added too instead of having the same with slight differences.

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Share your opinion, the situations I used both abilities to instant kill 2 guardians can be counted one one hand.

Thanks to the way powers were refurbished for DE, you can have almost any effect you can think of as explorer abilities, the Sky is the limit.

If AoM shares engine with AoE3DE doubly so.

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