Explorer skills resetting at the same time

when I click on an explorer skill in skirmish mode, it uses the skill but prevents me from using a different skill and I have to wait for them all to refresh before I can use them again. my hero has three skills, in story mode I can use them one after the other in skirmish its like I have accidentally clicked on all three at the same time and only actually uses one skill.

i need this fixing as its very annoying when killing guardians.

Some skills have a shared cd, this is intended.

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Not in this case, not in any of my other AOE 3 games and this is all hero’s in skirmish mode. If there are 2 heros that’s 2 separate skills each, if I use 1, all 4 cool down.

So only one at a time, and then it resets for say the Haud explorer?