Exports on trading routes?

Exports need routes, trading routes so . . . maybe trading routes can enable export too ?


If it is a reasonable drip I think so


following the precendent with influence, maybe after stagecoach at like half value

the potential for china to infinitely spam petards instantly with trade route export income is a bit terrifying

Yes off course it should be like 10-20 per TP or scaled accordingly, but just wondering why it haven’t been implemented till now, or whats the problems.

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Maybe this can be implemented with a card! (I feel like I have a tendency to want to solve everything with cards…).

The “Trade Empire” card (Ships 1 Trading Post Rickshaw; Trading Posts get +33% hit points and cost -20%) could also enable export generation on trade routes.


Agreed! Here are some other suggestions to contribute to the conversation.

And I think all Asian civs should have access to this card like right now.

Update: I just tried the card Foreign trading companies and it sucks, its effect is miscellaneous and unless it gets buffed, it is useless. The concept is good tho.


Makes sense. Power can be managed later but the concept just feels right. This should totally be a thing.

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All have their different mechanics to boost but, as you yourself tested it out . . .

IT SUCKS a 0.75 trickle in age 3 also increased cost of other units is just simply not worth the card slot and sacrifice. that too now that the consulate units are nerfed.

I don’t have anything to say against that, you are absolutely right, I hadn’t even considered the penalty. It all seems ridiculous.

I would prefer for it to be muuuch stronger and in Age IV. 300 export and then intervention can still carry you in times of need as an Asian civ. I still think it should be generalized to all Asian civs, with a meaningful long-term effect

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