Extend the time on 3vs3 and 4vs4

Top players who know each other, usually use discord to decide their combined strategy and civ picks. Outside of those players, 1 min is too less in a standard 3vs3 and 4vs4 MP to discuss the same.

It is not binding since players can start the game earlier by selecting “I am ready”.

I guess 90 seconds, 100 seconds or 120 seconds can be fine.

But then there are many players willing to get into action immediately instead of planning ahead. They’d complain 2min compulsory waiting is too much.

Well some more time would be welcomed if they are adamant on leaving that super laggy civ selection menu lmao.

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You need not wait for full 1 minute as of now. Once everyone checks “I’m ready” the game starts independent of time remaining.

people can play 4v4? I only see the “cannot join” message because one player uses alt-f4 always

Thats sounds better than mine where someone just collapses at the first sign of trouble

Lol, you guys have humor… Love it here.

The problem even is that selecting a civ then seeing you need an archer civ in team, not a knigth civ results in going back to civ selection screen, which takes at least 10 seconds. Now you have to hope your teammates didnt change civs as well… you can only change like 2 times with that crazy menu lag