Extra Team Colors

Using SLX Studio there’s an additional 4 team colors that you don’t have access to: brown, light blue, gold and pink. I’ve only seen them in the SLX program. Is there a way to make teams any of these colors in-game somehow?


You can create a color pallette mod. Just download the official spring color mod from the mod manager and look into the files. Then you can figure out how it’s done and create your own color mod.

I’ll definitely use that, but what I mean is… is there a way to officially add more teams (more than 8) so that the game forcefully uses those extra colors?

I don’t think so. I guess most of it is hardcoded and cannot be modded.

Are there any vanilla scenarios in AoE2(DE) that have more than 8 teams?

No, the game is programmed to have a maximum of 8 players. Nothing can change that.


just tried the spring colors, it doesn’t change the mini-map colors.

Is there some mod to change only the minimap colors?