We have had a strange bug tonight after the new big update of Age of Empires IV

We would have had sacred victory, but enemies villagers of two enemies have crossed our walls without any problem. This wall had two doors, they have use one to up and the next to down. We have tried to reproduce the bug, but it doesn’t ocurred.

Enemies didn’t have explored the walls. They only selected sacred site and they went through the doors automatically. They have not made tricks. I am dark blue player with walls and yellow and pink are the enemies.

Please repair this madness! Thank you very much

The seed of bug game is 5e525240 at minute 32-33.
The try to reproduce seed is 379c0bb7 and enemy can’t cross my walls.

It’s not a bug, you put right gate the wrong way around (with the door facing inward).


I agree your solution @fenian1980, thanks.

But it was a bug, Microsoft have patched. Doors now don’t have that problem in the new version. It was a madness that an enemy can use your walls.