Extreme lag

I started playing aoe 2 DE about a week ago. Me and my friends play 3v3 quite often, and whenever warning symbol appears next to an enemy player appears the game starts to lag like crazy.
It drops the games fps to like sub 20fps sometimes even less than that and its simply unplayable.

Me and my friends all have very fast internet speeds and computers aswell so its always someone on the enemy team that gets that symbol, but even tho its not on our end the whole game starts lagging!

Whats going on with that, any chance that will be adressed? Seems unreal that the whole game drops down in performance just because one guy starts lagging.

Hopefully other people have reported this aswell. Thankful for a response.

While browsing Lobby games i realize that even tho im playing from Sweden, my connection quality indication shows as green or “good” connection towards servers located in westindia, southeast asia, USA servers and so on.

If the Ranked system follows the same logic and it pairs europeans up with people playing in India and Asia I can see how that would make certain games unplayable. Some people dont have the good connections to make it viable.

How can that be considered good connection and again, why does the whole game stutter when someone else is having connection issues?


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