Failed to initialize draw system main.cpp(312)?

i keep receiving this message, i can’t run the game, i’ve searched in other forums (steam’s) and i’ve done all the recomended things (i’ve updated my OS wich is windows 7, updated my drivers, and even the programs asociated with the game “Microsoft Visual c++ 2015, directX, Framework etc.”) according to the mininum required to run the game i have no problem with my current hardware, i have a Intel® Core ™2 duo CPU E8200 running @ 2.66GHz and 2.66GHz, my MoBo is an Intel Pearl Greek DG31PR with integrated GPU Intel G31/G33 Chipset, 4GB DDR2 RAM @800MHz, acording to the game’s minimum required I’m good to go for playing it, don’t want a refund i just want a solution, cause im a big fan of this game, please help! (sorry if my english is not perfect, thats because im mexican and im not used to write in english every day)

I too have the same issue as Drakitoeldragon. I have tried every single suggestion on the internet I have found so far. I am also running windows 7 with all upto date drivers, corectly installed visuals, renamed exe.'s, verrified game cache, uninstalled/reinstalled, hit my computer with a hammer, done a war dance, gone to church etc etc

Mine also is a core duo running at 2.6 and the chipset is g33/g31. 8gb ram.

Im gutted as I have plowed through AoE 1 right upto this and now I cant play it…sad very sad. Please someone help. There has to be a solution.

error message is 312 not 369 to confirm. Any other details can be provided.

After extensive research I believe the issue lies with our very outdated inter grated graphics cards.

I was led to believe that the chipset g33/g31 does support shading 3.0 which apparently it does and direct x 9.

But having experimented with inserting another card( borrowed from friend) the problem is sorted. Here is a list of compatible graphics cards…

As you can see th g chipset…well is basically crap lol

For those who aren’t on win 10, tried all the other apparent fixes and still have the main.cpp 312 error this could be your problem area.

Edit…my computer knowledge as slightly above basic but using logic and a process of elimination my conclusion has fixed my issue I hope it possibly can help someone else.

I have just purchased the msi geforce gt710 gpu and the issue is resolved

Hey buddy!
I hope you can help me…
I’m with the same problem erro main cpp 312.
As you said i need to buy an msi geforce gt710 to play the game? Is that the only way?
I tryed everything in the world to solve this, but nothing works for me !

Please help me to solve this, i want a lot to play this game…