Fan Made Age of Empires Discord!


Hello Age of Empires community!!

Your dedicated staff has taken the time to organize a discord for the Age of Empires community. Our discord is diverse and involved all the Age of Empires franchise games but this discord will be focused more towards the development and any related content regarding Age of Empires IV. Our goal is to keep you all updated with the most recent Twitter feeds from @AgeOfEmpires, Reddit feeds from all AoE4 related content, etc. We want to make our discord the #1 in the Age of Empires community.

We will be working closely and partnering up with other discord to ensure you are all getting the best service possible. We are in the growing phase and we welcome all of you to be part of our fast-growing community.

If you’re interested in being part of our discord’s development feel free to reach out to the staff, we’re recruiting Moderators

Discord Link: [Mod edited.]

Mod Edit: For clarification this is a fan made Discord channel for all Age of Empires games, not just AoE IV. The staff referred to in this post are community members and not official Age of Empires community team members. - @Hermacles


Is this the Discord for the /r/aoe4 community? Not sure which staff you are referring.


It claims to be “official” but I am sceptical.


I call my moderators my “staff”, because they are :smiley:


No where in the post am I claiming it is Official. It is a discord we are building for the community.


So what the ■■■■ is this when you join it?

Welcome to the Official Age of Empires IV Discord

Make sure you read the rules and information under the #rules-and-info channel. To have appropriate access to the entire discord make sure to choose the roles you want under the #role-assignment channel. It is IMPORTANT that you select your roles or else you won’t have access to the Discord.

Whenever you want to get the attention of any Moderator or Administrator in the Discord to resolve an issue feel free to ping them @ Staff. Abusing the ping could lead to permanent ban from the Discord. We’re building a safe and drama-free environment for everyone.

For the protection of the Discord and its members we have placed a 5 minute wait period before having access to properly use our Discord. This action prevents future trolls from trying to cause mayhem. Thank you for understanding.

We hope you have an amazing time in our discord and thank you for being part of our growing community. Enjoy your stay with us!


The other moderator has a distant understanding of what “official” means. He also made a post in reddit and I quickly addressed it. I do appreciate you pointing that out and I will be quick to edit that. I do apologize for the confusion.

Thanks for the feedback.


This is such an obvious scam setup.


You are entitled to your own opinion. I hope you give it a try and you might enjoy the community we are aiming to build.


It’s not an opinion. One of you has decided - knowingly - to throw ‘official’ in the advertisement in order to entice people in. If it isn’t M$ or sanctioned by M$ (which they wouldn’t do; they’d set up their own) then it obviously isn’t official. You’ve been caught out and are now trying to backtrack.

There’s some feedback for you.


I kind of agree. “Official” and “your dedicated stuff”? Who are you? Not sure what this is, but I dont like the entitled tone either.


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