Fantasy Asymmetric AoE4 game would print money

I could be wrong and I’m of course not speaking for the historical fans, but a fantasy take on AoE4’s gameplay would be awesome. We’ve seen the fantasy genre appeal to a broader audience in other series, plus it would let you stretch your muscles on abilities/heroes gameplay mechanics without the restraint of history. I’m aware of Age of Mythology, but it might be best to create a new IP. At that point the sky would be the limits for fantasy elements, steam punk, necromantic, and so on. I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I’m just throwing in another bid.


Maybe then we could get down to actually enjoying the game instead of debating the content all the time. Ha.


Not only this.
We could actually discuss the CONTENT of the game instead of crying about civillisation names which have absolutely no impact on gameplay.
Why cry into the devs ears and annoy them when they already got such a tight budget and can’t even do the needed bug fixes this game needs?


As a player who prefers the games with a looser, more playful interpretation of ancient history (AoM, AoEO), I can’t help rolling my eyes when players lament when a game fails to live up to some sort of contrived standard of realism.

As if pitting 200 units on a giant square chessboard with giant fruit bushes and magic wololo priests was ever somebody’s idea of a gritty war sim.

A magic cannon lady isn’t actually out of place around here. I just don’t dig the weird civ name. Is the civ seriously just called “Jeanne d’Arc” and that’s also precisely the name of the unit, too?


It will stick out like a sore thumb in the list of civs. Same with the new Chinese variant.

This isn’t fantasy at all, but I am a big fan of the idea of creating a wholly fictional futuristic Age of Empires game focused around the hypothetical period of interstellar colonization and warfare. I think it would be awfully interesting.

It may not be a bad idea, the issue comes you defy people’s expectations. Diehard fans will be vocal. You mentioned Age of Mythology and the possibility of some new IPs. That’s what they semi did with AoM, that’s a spin off. And you’d have to do that unless you wanted to cause a major rebellion in the fan base. There’s only a certain amount you can stretch the AoE IV rope before it brakes.

Yep but we might stop noticing after a while. Would a variants sub-menu make things more digestible?

Totally agree. That’s a bad name. Risky move there. Sounds like they sorta just copied AoM, but its naming civs such as “Isis,” “Odin,” and “Zeus” is an entire game-wide naming convention that gels. Jeanne d’Arc versus the Mongols or Byzantines is just disjointed and distracting from an otherwise innovative idea.


Seems like such an easy fix too.

Even if they insist on her name being part of the faction title it’s still doable.

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Yes, though I don’t have an obvious suggestion. I also don’t have a degree in French history or much experience considering the question.

Seems like there should be some way to have multiple civ designs for a single people without having to make things up and call a variant civ by a completely different name.

Yeah, OP is onto something.

Just imagine, a fantasy RTS game taking after RPG games, where the heroes are centerpiece and the most important part of gameplay, maybe taking an IP from the 90s and creating an epic, gritty campaign out of the lore that had been set plus a whole expanded world.

What’s more, make the game come from 4 factions in the base game, maybe the first two from the 90s prequel plus, I dunno, Undead and Elves or something. Game could even have a MMORPG spinoff, sounds like that’d do really well too!

An AOM equivalence of this would be like:
Pharaoh’s Army
Horde of Horned Helmets

The variant names are bizarre, for sure.

There should be an AoE2 clone in the same engine centered around Avatar: The Last Airbender.

dawg, look up starcraft

Age of mythology retold with the combat of aoe 4 would be a dream come true


Forget battle for middle earth 3 lets get a lord of the rings AoE spin off