Far Trade Routes and Living Environments[Suggestion]

[Growing Trees/Multiplying Animals] Huge fan of the series but it always bothered me that the trees weren’t growing back,husbandary animals or wild animals weren’t multiplying.I hope in the next series this changes and regrowth of some of these early resources does exists. Husbandary (Sheep, cattle) farming should be a viable strategy till the end.Hunting could diminish with nearby buildings but it should be vialbe strategy if you have a untouched woods nearby.

[Granary Depo]There should be also storage areas where hoarded resources could be attacked somehow.It could lead to interesting rushes.Afterall in the early days attacking a granary is a dirty but effective move.

[Far Trade Post]About far trade routes.I think there should be some undestructable trade outposts representing far lands where our trade carts could trade with (maybe even with increased profit).It was important to control the route to silk road or spice road so these buildings would heavily reflect this.Afterall it’s important to control such strategic locations and spice must flow :).

Lastly always would appriciate some rain or snow cycles or fog on higher parts of the terrain making line of sight shrink a bit or make unit movement slow.

[A.I sub commander]Totally off topic but I would appriciate if we could give some troops to an AI commander to attack from the flank or defend the base.It wouldn’t be as effective as a human player but attacking from two sides has it’s merits.


All of these ideas are really good and would make the game more immersive. I do hope they do make things a bit more complex. Features like trade, natural resources were all very underdeveloped in the original games. I think its a good idea that if you leave some animals they should multiply after a while. Unless you kill them all. These can be food like deer and boar etc or predators like wolves. There is also so much you can do with trade. For example trade routes themselves could be drawn by the mouse so that they go in a specific route, instead of just a straight line which is completely stupid. If there is an enemy castle between market A and market B, you should be able to direct your trade carts to go around them rather than straight into the castle. Also the whole system of paying tribute should be re-worked. No more instant tribute. Tributes should need to be physically carried from one player to another and should take time. Would make things so much more interesting.


I think your ideas are good. Except the AI commander. AoE is a hard to master game and that is a good thing because you can always learn new things. An attack from both sides or defending your base while managing other stuff are examples for that. It’s not impossible but you have to learn it. And not only pros can do it, I would say its quite normal with 1200/1300 elo in 1vs1

it would be interesting too, if the wagons with the tributes could be looted on the way by enemies

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Yes, precisely the sort of thing I had in mind.