Farimba and Manipur cavalry

I really like the Malian light cavalry with farimba (primarily because the hussar is ugly,

I am confused by the fact that the Malian light cavalry kills villagers worse than the hussars because they both need 4 hits for the villager but the hussar has more attack speed and 15 more HP, why not increase the farimba bonus from 5 to 6,(then there will be 15 attacks i.e. 3 strikes) and the Manipur cavalry bonus (so stupid looking against the background of the farimba) along with the Burmese recently suffered due to the elephant nerf how about increasing it to 9 or 12?

I’ve seen u spirit of the law in the top 5 scout civilizations don’t understand why Mali is so high

  1. Malians are fine and don’t need a buff
  2. Farimba affects more then just light cav, it also buffs the Knight and Camel line.

because their Light Cavalry literally have 14 attack and that is a big deal in trash wars.
let’s put it in perspective…
a Malian Light Cavalry will kill a fully upgraded Hussar in 9 hits, while a Hussar will kill a Malian light Cavalry in 10 hits.

Obviously Mongols and Tatars that interaction will be different, but they straight up win against other civs Hussars, and other civs Light Cavalry.


Yes they were recently buffed

they also kill archers for 4 hits instead of 5 and get the same amount from halberdiers, 3 hits

exactly, which is why they don’t need farimba changed.

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this is weak, they have bad halberdiers and skirmishers and light cavalry slightly above average in combat and weaker in everything else in the end they have bad trash wars

their pikes literally have 3 extra pierce armor, meaning they take less damage from skirms. (most pikes and halbs take 6 damage from an elite skirm, malian pikes take 3 damage).

you know what the most important unit in a trash war is? the light cavalry line and they have arguably top 3 of that.

Malians certainly looking bad in that trash war time, what with their winrate continuously getting better the later a game goes.

that 56% winrate in kotd3 certainly says they need buffs

their pikes die for 1 shot 19 skirmishers against 10 for a normal halberdier and they don’t have a blast furnace

once your pikes are in melee range those skirms aren’t doing anything.
as for 3 damage vs 6 damage,
skirms do 3+4 damage base and 3 bonus damage to spears.
malian pikes have 7 pierce armor thus they take 7 damage - 7 armor + 3 bonus damage.
so they take 3 damage each.
so forgive me if i question your 14 shots to kill.


Yes I forgot about how bonus damage is calculated