Farm and Pasture building mechanic

Right now, if I take some villagers and ask them to build farms, say 10 farms, they’ll all go around building all 10 farms before they start gathering from them.

On the other hand, if I ask villagers to build, say 10 pastures as Mongols, they’ll build one pasture and then start gathering food from the sheep that spawns, and completely ignore building the other 9 pastures.

I recommend the following (basically swap the two):

  1. After building a farm, one villager stays behind and gathers food from it, the rest go on to build other farms but each time one of them stays back to gather from the newly completed farm.

  2. In case of pastures, villagers should finish building how many ever pastures you order them to. And once they’re all done they can start gathering from one of the sheep.

I’m an average player so I don’t know if my point 2 above is the most optimal way to do it. Just a suggestion.

Also, apologies if this has already been reported before. It probably has but I couldn’t find it.


Makes sense! Thank you for the feedback @DiplexBoss6. I’ll make sure this gets seen.