Farm placement idea! (for aoe II, but works with I and IV too!)

When you go to place a farm with a group of n villagers and hold shift + click, it should just n place foundations in an optimised packing pattern around where-ever the mouse was, and each villager should be tasked to an individual foundation when the command is given.

If not enough wood is available the closest farms are prioritised, and villagers which miss out on a farm are sent to the empty plot location.

This is an alternative to just holding shift and clicking as fast as possible. (aoe 4, which already does this, just does it for each click separately) or in that wild haphazard late game way (aoe 2)

This is a quality of life that would make the game more enjoyable, it’s not actually skilful/strategic to place farms fast, what mattered was the player recognising they needed more farms in a location. Let the player do what they want to do in few clicks.

Just don’t think farm-‘micro’ adds strategic or skillful or any value to Aoe titles. Farm macro is very important, but not farm micro.

Gonna have make a mod one day I reckon.

Sorry, I don’t like the Idea.

If we are going to change, let’s go the #### #### just bigger farms that can be worked by several villagers.

But at this point, we have bigger fish to fry.

??? " A O E 3 P a t h " got Censored… ¿¿¿ :thinking: ???

Unfortunately, bigger farms with multiple villagers affects balance by altering the rates at which you convert wood to food. Thats a great idea for a civilisation bonus/special building perhaps. Like a 4x4 sized farm thats workable by 2 villagers as a unique building for a civ. But as far as addressing quality of life, I don’t think your idea works well as it changes balance too much.

Also regarding bigger fish to fry, things aren’t necessarily exclusive. QoL can also come with bug fixes or balance changes, as they often do.

I understand your point.I am not for any changes on the farms at this point.

My opinion is that the farm system is good as is. (They could do better, maybe)

However if the Dev changes it, would make no difference on my style of playing.

I like it. I will add change the size of farms to 2x2 Tiles.

That has been discussed before, we even had/have a Mod for custom campaigns

The other option was one of the reasons for the Folwark (Poles unique building), was to make the granary 3x3

Yeap, there’s Mod’s for 2x2 farm sizes all around, however I can not find a farm mod - or any for that matter - that alters how the ghost building mechanic works as described above. If anyone know of one do share because I’d love to mod this into the game myself but do need a starting example of sorts - I’m not sure if the data files which control something as core as ghost building placement even are modable…

In-fact, just now realising some of this could be expanded, the ‘automatic’ nature of how aoe 4 farms work would do really well for barracks / all other buildings too, especially if it left a 1 tile gap. Reducing the unnecessary micro of tile perfect building placement when the decision of where and how many has already been made.

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