Farm Sniping?

Is this an obsolete bug that was just left until now? (like foundation scanning) Why are we able to snipe farms before a vil has even started working on them? As opposed to all other foundations.

I just won a game by sniping about 5 farms. Feels super dirty, and in hindsight would have preferred to win by playing, not by some exploit.

But in the same way i used foundation scouting even though i was against it, i dont think it should be in the game whether i or anyone else does it(aka all hail the pros)


I would assume it’s a mechanic.

This does make me think though. When placing a farm foundation, it isn’t just a place holder and has to take up its space. Does that mean I can still use farms to scan the fog of war? Or can I place them inside other buildings hidden in the fog of war? Or I just can’t place farm in the fog of war at all?

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What are you using to snipe them. They have relatively low hp to begin with.

EDIT: I had understood OP completely wrong, so I am removing this misinformation so early in the thread. Thanks Robin.

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This gets even more fun with forward castles :smiley: nothing feels more LOL than sniping a forward castle foundation with a mango attack ground :smiley:

No, he’s talking about killing them with military before the enemy started building them. This is easiest with an archer, but you also often see it done by like leftover scouts running around in the neemy base.


That’s completely different from what OP is talking about, since you can’t attack other buildings before they started building them

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ive only seen this done by le pro, but even then it is usually punishing a greedy behaviour and requires some amount of skill/planning from the sniper, as opposed to just scalping a player that is simply going about his business…

but i saw on reddit it is likely a left over mechanic from when farms could scout FoW. now they cant, so its unnecessary and simply too punishing for the owner

That requires skill, or dumb luck though. If you are just a second too late with the mango shot, the castle will not be destroyed. Unless you are expecting it normal reaction time is usually too slow to snipe a castle with a mango.

Farm foundations are placed immediately before villagers start working on them, which is a really weird mechanic. Im not sure if it is intentional, and I dont think its gamebreaking in any way, as this is something you should know. So if there are scouts or archers in your base you shouldnt drop multiple farms with villagers, without them standing next to them, but it is a quite weird behaviour.


This does sound like some good advice, even without the farm snipe thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But yeah, I think the farm sniping is also bad for Campaigns, as you can starve many of the AI opponents in Campaigns by keeping some archers around their mills and TCs. because the AI will repeatedly try to rebuild a farm onto the exact same spot…

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To me, it’s no different from sniping a 1hp vill. If there’s enemy running around in your base, look after your low-hp vills - and your farm foundations. Bug or feature, either way I think it makes the game more interesting.

I think the consensus was its cool if it was with units and poor if using a foundation from a distance

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Yeah exactly. There’s a difference between sniping a foundation that has just started working as opposed to sniping one that has only been placed. Zero work has begun. It shouldn’t even exist.

On that note i wonder how it calculates farms on top of of unseen buildings in the FOW. Since its actually being placed as opposed to every other foundation that is a place holder?

imagine placing farms within an opponents archer striking range.
I can’t even understand who would do that.

Imagine not bothering to understand what we’re talking about… And then still being so opinionated on it… Wow slow clap

Lets imagine:
You are placing farms around your tc. You just finished eating your sheep and take 4 vils to place 4 farms. It will take about 20 seconds or so till construction on the 4th farm starts. Now the enemy has a single archer or skirmisher he sent forward and he can destroy that farm the moment you place it down, and deny you 60 wood.

All of this, while this behaviour is unique to farms. You can safely place 20 house foundation with a single villager, without being scared that any of them are getting oneshot by a single skirmisher, while you cant do that with farms.

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how are you sniping those farms please? which human opponent places their farms in the range of your archers, if you’re talking AI, then you’re just exploiting the AI and nothing of value was lost.

I honestly don’t see a problem here other than you creating one.

Under normal circumstances that does not occur in any real game.

there are plenty of matches in the top 100, where people have a single scout running around the enemy base, that manages to snipe a farm or two before construction starts. It is a reasonably frequent occurance, probably more frequent in the higher levels, because lower level players usually dont have the presence of mind to snipe farms.

I have yet to see that happen in any of the pro players streams. or a tournament.

Reading is a skill. Use it.

Im totally talking v ai :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: /s

Happens literally every game i can do it, or my opponent can.

Well that’s settled then. Obviously it’s a non issue because you haven’t seen it. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: /s