Farms and population limit

I think that production queues should be added on farms as in AOE II and increasing the population limit. What do you think?

They should increase the population limit to 200-500 like in AOE II
Also production queues make the game much better since you dont have to replenish them every time

Higher pop (no real figures yet) and production queues are both already anounced I believe

And also that the population is displayed in the interface

What about “walkable” farms? I remember trying to arrange farms was really a hassle! That said, because farming wasn’t convenient, I was more likely to spend more time hunting and finding forage sites.

True, the farm should also be able to be traversed by the pj, we should also include it in the feedback

I agree with all of you: Queue and walkable farms is the way!

Now pop max in the gameplays is 200.

@Augustusman said:
Now pop max in the gameplays is 200.

Thats true, it is wonderful (0)