Fast Queue or Favorite Map Preference and Alt F4

I think having the option to get a fast game or a favorite map as a priority would be really nice. Currently an excessive amount of games end with people alt f4ing because they are quickly thrown in maps that they have no desire playing. I do think that there should be a punishment for alt f4 but I don’t think people should be quickly placed in to matches that are unfavored. I don’t mind waiting for 10 or 15 minutes to get a game with the map I would like to play. And if after 10 to 15 minutes waiting I get put into a non favored map I would take that as a sign that nobody around wants to play what I want at this time. I do however find it quite frustrating to be quickly (0-5 min) thrown into games that I don’t particularly want to play especially if these matches take 30-45 minutes to finish. I would much rather wait to play something worthwhile. I’m the guy that often bans ara and then gets the people that alt f4 because of no ara. It must be extremely frustrating for others in single queue tgs when people alt f4 for 30 min for non ara.


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