Favorite Custom Scenarios/Campaigns?

The Scenario Builder was always one of my favorite parts of AoE and AoK, and I spent hours upon hours scouring the AoE Heaven forums as a child downloading various maps and campaigns. Which custom campaigns and maps were your guys’ favorite? Mine would have to be this one! I just love how tricky it is, and lowkey almost plays like a puzzle - something that struck me as fresh when I first stumbled upon this years ago.

Heavengames eh?

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Yes this one was my favorite too - loved the design, went to the limits of what AOE was capable of

Literally any of the original Age of Empires campaigns by Andrea Rosa were great (I especially liked the Hittite and Sumerian ones). The Sumerian campaign is here: http://aoe.heavengames.com/dl-php/showfile.php?fileid=1779

There was a nice King David campaign by Imhotep as well, which was the first campaign (one of them anyway) to really influence Age of Empires custom campaign making.

I used to create m favorite scenario. Of course, it toked many time of my life. hahah