Favorite Double Gold Armies Discussion

As of late:

Hindustanis: CA (III) ->Hand Cannons (IV) + Camels
Vietnamese: Rattan Archers + Elephants
Huns: CA + Knights
Ethiopians: Archers + Camels
Mayans: Plumes + Eagles
Lithuanians: CA + Leitis
Dravidians: Elephant Archers + Urumis

How about Spanish: Monk + Missionary


mongols: mangudai + knights

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Hussars: Allow me to introduce myself

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Change lit ca to hand conner.

Knight conq (spanish gold saving allows for double gold comps easier)

Battle eles, karambit (seriously malay is so easy to do a tech switch to infantry now, you already got blast furnace for eles, then just to counter halbs u pump out instant full armoured and attack karambits which spam fast from 1 or 2 castles. Dont even have to mass production buildings)

Same thing with archers and shotels

Camels and shivramsha from same building vs anything except infantry

Paladin and hand cannons