Favorite units

For my part it was (i was young maybe it’s no really eficient) :

  • Bow man
  • Chariot archer
  • Swordmen (eficient and cheap and fast)

But i would like to see new common units at all civilisations (or other civilisation in extented version) . what do you think ?

I love Composite Bowmen, they’re soooo stylish!

Second ones are Short and Broad Swordsmen, nostalgy from pre-RoR times I guess :slight_smile:

For me, Chariot, Chariot Archer, and Hoplite ^^

I always liked the look of the improved bowman and love the hoplite line.

Greek hopolite, like a knight but with no weakness.

Always used to be infatuated with the Ballista. It’s faster and better than a Cat (at least I thought so as a kid) and it looks freakin awesome!

Chariot Archer, Scythe Chariot(style points),Legion,Cataphract

I have go to with the almighty war elephant. Pair that up with Heavy Calvary, or Cataphracts if you can convert them, and Heavy Horse Archers, and you can’t really be stopped. Its a Counter All army. XD

English Longbowmen.

In new unit i would like to see speamen to counter cavalry and 1 or 2 more unite .

Broad and Long Swordsman, Hoplite, Chariot, Cavalry… I always, absolutely loved the esthetic of AoE I units, even more than AoE II ones. Having all of them reworked will be gorgeous.

From my point of view there is a lack of units and micro-gestion in fight.

I mean in the 3rd you have canon good vs infantry, cavalry good vs canon but some infantry good vs cavalry and …

There is a lack of units. If i remember well all civilisation have the same units (nearly all) . You haven’t as the 2nd and 3rd lot of units and specialisation. I mean civilisation as Russian rush bad infantry but a huge number of them or France which plays defensive until GENDARME…

And it gave me a lot of fun because i had to adpat my self to my opponent, here it’s just 6/7 units even in starcraft 2 you have more …

There is a bug i can’t post this before (hope all will not coma at the same time, if yes sorry for the spam) .

Composite bowman + a few stone throwers. A fun and really good looking push to do in Bronze. In addition I have always loved the look of the broadswordsman, too bad you never see them much in a real game.

Legions, but they were pretty worthless in multiplayer unless Chosen or Roman, but aesthetically they looked great.

In terms of effectiveness has to be the Egyptian Scythe Chariot, best unit in the game as no gold cost and the trample ruined players villagers in seconds. If the enemy was walled on Conti was worth transporting some in by sea and ruining the enemy economy.

Broad Swordsmen! Not sure why, but I love their look. Mechanics-wise, always a fan of Composite Bowmen, especially Minoan ones.

@RWNorthPole said:
Broad Swordsmen! Not sure why, but I love their look. Mechanics-wise, always a fan of Composite Bowmen, especially Minoan ones.

Yeah a critical mass of minoan compies wrecked everything even stone throwers. Even if the enemy walled could usually shoot over the trees into the wood cutters.

The Legion and the priest. The Legion because it was the first glow unit I researched. And the priest … WOLOLO!

Mine are:

  • Broad Swordsman
  • Improved bowman
  • Composite Bowman

They all just look badass to me. (but I know they’re not that good :p)

Fire ships and ballista triremes.

It would be Heliopolis, Centurions and War Elephants (I couldn’t even pronounce half of the units’ names back then)